Catholic Community Delft

The Community at the Sunday Evening Mass at Maria Van Jessekerk, 6:00 PM

The Charity Group

The Charity Group is made up of volunteers who support the activities of charitable organisations in Delft to help those in need of extra support in their daily activities, such as the elderly, and lonely and disadvantaged people.

The Cell Groups

The Cell Groups are a mix of student groups and working professional groups who meet twice a month to talk about topics of mutual interest such as spiritual development, Bible study or to discuss Encyclicals.

These groups exist to help all members with adjusting to life in The Netherlands, foster a sense of community and fellowship.

The Couples Group

The Couples Group is made up of couples in a committed relationship for several years are a mix of girlfriend and boyfriend, engaged couples, married couples and married couples with babies.

They have a Spiritual and Social Gathering and meet once every two weeks at each others homes.

New members are encouraged to contact Javi and Francisco to find out more information and to join the group.

St Ursula Choir

The Choir is a mix of student and working professionals who sing on the Odd (1st, 3rd and 5th) Sundays of the month and sing modern hymns in a mix of languages, with English being the primary language.

We are eager to welcome new members if the are willing to make a commitment to join practices regularly and to sing during Mass regularly with us. We will provide all training so even if you are a beginner we are eager to have you!

Spiritual Activities

We are an active Catholic Community and some of the Activities we organise are:

† Adoration and Benediction Sunday from 5:20 PM until 6:00 PM in the Maria Kapel to the side of the Maria van Jessekerk.

† An online Rosary on Thursday Evenings at 9:15 PM.

† Rosary and Mass Intention Requests

Other Activities

Lectors - One role for Commentator, First _________ Reader, Prayers of the Faithful and _________ After Mass Notices.

Reading - Person who does the second __________ Reading in a known or their __________ Own language.

ABC/KmJ - Numerous volunteers from ___________ several countries that are ___________ bound to help parishioners ___________ in need through helping with ___________ Services around the house.


Catholic Community Delft

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