20.11.2023 Varia

The Christmas crib is celebrating its 800th anniversary

Exhibition during the Christmas Holidays

800 years ago, on Christmas Eve in Greccio, St. Francis of Assisi first enacted the Christmas story as a living nativity scene to enable people to experience the miracle of Christmas very closely.

This is how the tradition of the nativity scene began, as it can now be found all over the world at Christmas. Maybe in your home too!

The nativity scene evokes stories and memories for many people: For example, memories of how you got your nativity scene or of the place it occupies in your home, now or in years gone by.

The Roman Catholic churches in Delft would like to give this beautiful tradition some extra attention this year. During the Christmas holiday period there will be an exhibition of Nativity Scenes and a nativity route through Delft visiting houses where a special Nativity Scene or nativity collection can be admired.

If you have a unique, special, original or homemade nativity scene with, maybe, a beautiful story about it and if YOU WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE then please sign up via

kerststal.rkdelft@gmail.com for more information