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Liturgical celebrations in the St. Ursula parish from June 2020

Welcome in the liturgy

In recent times, the coronavirus has made it impossible to gather in our churches. Because of the relaxation of the restrictions imposed by the government, and because of the Protocol kerkelijk leven op anderhalve meter (Protocol for ecclesial life at six feet distance) given by the Dutch bishops, gathering will be possible again from 1 June onwards. The conditions under which we can meet will be listed here.

Liturgical celebrations in the month of June
The pastoral team rejoices in being able to welcome you for the liturgy from 2 June onwards. However, because of legal restrictions, there will be limits to attending celebrations. In June, the government will allow up to a maximum of 30 churchgoers (from 1 July this will be increased to 100). The rule of six feet distance must be observed. All of our communities have taken measures such as walking routes, disinfection, and a poster with house rules.

There will be a booking system for the weekend liturgies. In the month of June, you can apply for one of the weekend celebrations, in one of our seven church communities. Preferably you can make a reservation through e-mail; if this is not possible, you can do it by telephone call. When making your reservation, you must indicate how many members of your household will be attending in total. Reservations for the English evening mass: send a email to secr.mariavanjessekerk­(at)rkdelft(dot)nl  In the upcoming weeks, we will make a decision about reservation options from July onwards.

In every celebration, one or two visitor guides will be present. These will (1) check if you have made a reservation, (2) ask if you have no health issues possibly related to the coronavirus, (3) make sure that hands are sanitized on entering, and (4) bring you to your designated seat. Please arrive at church on time, so that the celebration will not be delayed. We request that everyone comply with these house rules in a spirit of cooperation. If the instructions of the visitor guides are not followed, the celebration cannot start.

Holy Communion will be distributed from 14 June onwards. In compliance with the directives of the bishops’ protocol, the celebrant will use a screen and a tenecula (also known, somewhat unfortunately, as “Eucharistic tweezer”). Because the distribution of Communion will take more time, the times of Sunday liturgies will be adjusted. The earlier liturgy will start at 9.15 and the later one at 11.15.

To prevent infection with the coronavirus, singing is not permitted except by a cantor.

Instead of contributing to the collection, you can make a donation in a collection-box placed near the church exit, or with a bank transfer, or by means of the Givt app (select “Maria van Jesse Delft”).

Every church community will determine if informal gathering after the liturgy can be resumed, still at six feet distance.

On weekdays, it will be possible to have an informal gathering.

The pastoral team will discontinue the YouTube Masses from 1 June onwards. Parishioners who cannot go to church are advised to watch the national televised Mass on the NPO 2 network.

The weekday Masses will start again from 2 June onwards. The decision whether booking is necessary for these Masses will be left to the church community.

General information in Dutch is available at the national website: www.rkkerk.nl. The bishops’ protocol can be found there.

We humbly ask for your understanding and help to make the best out of a difficult situation, and we pray for a swift end to this crisis.

The pastoral team of the parishes of St. Ursula and Our Lady of Zion

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